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SourceCode LogoSourceCode Information Technology Academy is a dynamic partnership between secondary and postsecondary education, business, and the community. SourceCode is designed to provide  secondary students with coursework and work-based learning experiences in information technology (IT) as part of the arts, audio/video technology, and communications segment in the Minnesota career fields, clusters and pathways. 

Learning Environment DiagramInformation technology is an essential skill in all areas of business and every career choice. SourceCode is designed to give students firsthand experiences in the world of IT. Students have multiple opportunities to experience what it is like being a programmer. They meet and work with programmers and their managers in parallel with their classroom learning experiences.

SourceCode is an excellent career pathway for your student interested in programming.

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  • Leverage your existing technology courses – SCSC will work with you to blend your existing technology courses in to the SourceCode, giving your students (and faculty) the advantages of both.
  • Building connections – From the intro class activities to the apprenticeship components built into the advanced courses, students will be accessing the community, the Web and the classroom to learn about IT. 

SourceCode is designed to fuel the passion for IT and programming. The apprenticeship program is designed to:

  • Help you discover the future “wunderkind” for your organization while the student is still in high school
  • Have a minimum impact on your daily operations and a maximum effect in meeting your IT staff goals in the upcoming years
  • Coordinate your staff with a vetted and interested student and the SourceCode coordinator

Courses (.5 high school credits each )

  • Discover IT – A box of IT chocolates helping the students discover an interest in the field.  
  • Web for Business – Building a résumé website using HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • JavaScript Rocks! – Programming fundamentals with easy-to-use JavaScript. 
  • Advanced Programming – Moving into more sophisticated programming using Java, the language that runs Android phones. 

Instructor-led courses offered online with the option of a scheduled video conferencing session with an instructor. Students participate with programming teams from companies using state-of-the-art web communications including email, Slack, Asana, Zoom and Skype.

Each course integrates critical professional skills as part of the activities including:

  • File management
  • Effective business communications
  • Writing effective emails
  • Team communications – using Slack.
  • Project management – using Asana for task management and planning.
  • UX - User eXperience – creating for others, not yourself.
  • The Grammar Gauntlet – will you survive? Communications with best grammar choices gets the job.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail – being able to talk like a tech, as well as explaining things using plain English.

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