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SOCRATES Online LogoSOCRATES Online provides more than 100 high-quality online and blended course options for high school students and member schools through partnerships with Northern Star Online and the career academies. These online school options feature semester, trimester and quarter start and end dates to provide flexibility for school district calendars. SOCRATES Online students are supported by both teachers and learning coaches.

Northern Star Online (NSO) Partnership Courses

The South Central Service Cooperative partners with Northern Star Online to provide supplementary online courses for high school students. Courses are taught by licensed public school teachers working in our SCSC and NSO member school districts.


SCSC Career Academy Courses

The South Central Service Cooperative offers Health Science and Information Technology Career Pathway courses in three different formats. All of these courses are taught by appropriate Minnesota Licensed Instructors. Blended Academy courses include industry experience cohorts and concurrent (college) credit through the South Central College. Online Concurrent courses cover the same content as the Academy courses without the industry experience. There are also online only courses with similar content that do not earn college credit. 

SOCRATES Online registration process for general online course offerings with our Northern Star Online Partner.
Following is the registration process for our high school level online courses. Please contact Kelsey Rose krose@mnscsc.org, (507) 389-6999 if you need assistance.

  1. Preparation: Review the expectations to determine if online learning is right for you. When you register, you will be asked to commit to the expectations and requirements for participation.

  2. Are you New to Northern Star Online?To start, create an account in Genius, our system for registration, course progress tracking and more. Note: Current students should already have a Genius account with their email as their username. Please contact enrollment@district287.org or 763-550-7117 if you are having difficulty with an existing account.

  3. Request a course in GENIUS: Go into your Genius account to submit a course request.

  4. Parent/Guardian and Counselor sign off: Consult with your parent or guardian, and your counselor, on your plans as they will need to log in to Genius to sign off on your course requests.

  5. NSO Approval: NSO Staff will review your requests, consult with you, your parent or guardian, and your counselor on any changes or questions.

  6. Ready to Start: Next steps to prepare for a strong start!

Please contact Kelsey Rose krose@mnscsc.org, (507) 389-6999, if you have any difficulties with the Genius site, or any part of the registration process 

SCSC Career Academy registration process for members of the South Central Service Cooperative including concurrent enrollment / college credit and industry certification courses.

Contact Kim Paschke kpaschke@mnscsc.org (507) 236-8848 to register for Health Science and Information Technology Academy Courses. 

Following is some general registration information that you may wish to review:


School district members need to sign an Agreement to Provide Instructional Services (PDF) to receive discounted tuition rates as defined in the agreement. This agreement does not obligate you or your students to participate in any online programming. It does allow the South Central Service Cooperative to direct bill member schools who have students participating in online and blended programming at significantly reduced tuition rates.

Current tuition rates and related information is listed in the Instructional Services agreement mentioned above.

Please contact Dave Paschke dpaschke@mnscsc.org 507.389.1773 if you need additional information.

General Inquiries 

Kelsey Rose, 507-389-6999

SOCRATES Online Management Team

David Paschke, 507-389-1773
Managing Director
Jason Borglum, 507-389-5126
Technical Assistance
Glenn Morris, 507-389-5106
Executive Director
Gerard Breiter, 507-386-2961
Kelsey Rose, 507-389-6999
Student, Parent and School SupportAcademy Registration and Learning Coach

Northern Star Online

David VanDenBoom, NSO Program Director