Zones of Regulation Workshop

More than 75 participants attended the Zone of Regulation presentation Aug. 21 at the SCSC Conference Center. This workshop provided teachers, therapists and parents with hands-on knowledge on the nature of self-regulation and strategies for improving self-regulation and emotional control in individuals of all ages. The presentation addressed topics such as the brain’s involvement, typical development, sensory processing, emotional regulation and executive functioning. Audience participants learned an explicit, stair-stepped method and tools to guide students in utilizing The Zones framework across situations and environments to regulate sensory needs, impulses, and emotional states to social demands. 

Self-Regulation is a skill everyone needs to manage the daily trials and tribulations. Sometimes we become incapacitated to cope, and with all the pressures on our youth, all too often we are seeing more self-regulation needs in this general population. Managing emotions and monitoring behaviors is a particular challenge for some. Self-regulation skills need to be taught and learned so that our youth have the capacity to manage everyday conflicts, preserve under stress and maintain a mentally healthy state of being.
Visuals and student work samples illustrated numerous learning activities. Participants explored a variety of tools (sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies) to help students recognize their internal emotions, sensory needs, and thinking patterns in each zone, when shifting from one zone to another.

The Zones of Regulation is a framework and curriculum designed to foster skills in self-regulation, including emotional control, sensory regulation and executive functions. It is a systematic, cognitive behavior approach that uses four colors to help students visually and verbally self identify how they are functioning in the moment given their emotions and state of alertness. The model incorporates Social Thinking concepts to help students use perspective taking, to identify how they are thinking and feeling, and understand how their thoughts and behavior impact those around them. Through using the curriculum individuals become more self-aware and learn tools they can use to regulate to a more expected state. The Zones of Regulation curriculum is published by Social Thinking Publishing ( It can be used effectively in home, school and clinical settings, as well as in conjunction with previously taught regulation strategies.
Zones of Regulation Workshop Zones of Regulation WorkshopZones of Regulation Workshop