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Interview with Hills Beaver Creek Secondary School
The Southern Regional Implementation Project team supports school teams across southern Minnesota with implementation and sustainability of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. PBIS is a framework or approach for helping schools select and organize evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.

Hills-Beaver Creek logoHills Beaver Creek Secondary School is in their second year of PBIS implementation, currently part of PBIS Cohort 15. Their PBIS team members, Ali Breuer and Samantha McGaffee, provided information about the wonderful things they are doing to start the 2020–2021 school year.

Be A Patriot GRADHBC started planning for the new school year last spring and continued their work in August right after the PBIS Cohort 15 training. Immediately the team determined there was a need to create a virtual acknowledgement system, continue to involve students with PBIS work, create a teaching calendar as it relates to the Safe Learning Model, and create a dedicated time daily/weekly to provide support for students on how to be their best as a Patriot G.R.A.D. A Patriot G.R.A.D. is goal-orientated, respectful, accountable and determined.

Patriot GRAD certificateWe all know that noticing others doing great things is very motivating! The HBC team expertly created an innovative virtual acknowledgement system. The new addition to the PBIS team, the technology teacher, created a Google Form which auto populates a PDF celebration certificate after staff complete the online recognition survey. Staff can immediately forward this PDF to students’ and parents’ via email. Students have responded with excitement and enthusiasm to have their hard work recognized. Parents have even taken screenshots and posted them on Facebook to celebrate!

Additionally, the HBC PBIS team addressed the new normal of the Safe Learning Model health and safety recommendations by involving their PBIS student G.R.A.D. team. These PBIS student G.R.A.D. team members are actively involved in creating videos for students to view during the dedicated advisory time each Wednesday. The team kicked off the year with a video discussing expectations for mask wearing, washing and sanitizing hands, and social distancing. Recently the team created a video to share expectations for a virtual recognition system aHBC shout-out boardnd ways to earn prizes. Members of this team have come up with ways to recognize staff by creating a shout-out bulletin board and presenting certificates of appreciation to staff. At HBC, students are active participants in PBIS implementation!

The HBC PBIS team is moving forward with active PBIS implementation to address the “new normal” and see exemplary outcomes for students and staff. To watch the entire interview, please click here: https://bit.ly/33E8fst

For more information on PBIS or if your team would like support and guidance with PBIS implementation, please contact one of our southern Minnesota regional coordinators:

Southwest Minnesota: Liz Deen, liz.deen@swwc.org or 507-529-7531

South Central Minnesota: Erin Toninato, etoninato@mnscsc.org or 507-389-1914 Ext. 2010

Southeast Minnesota: Hazel Ashbeck, hazel.ashbeck@swwc.org or 507-591-6296