More free summer programs from CILC’s Community of Learning!


Community of Learning . . . Into the Summer!
Working with our partner, the Penn Museum, we have a few more programs for you and your students to enjoy through July. Plus there will be even more in August that are just as much fun as they are educational. For more information and to register your student(s) visit the Community of Learning page on CILC.
Note: There is a program tomorrow, so don't delay!


Want more?
A sister organization to CILC is Connected North in Canada. They are also running a series of programs similar to our Community of Learning featuring many of our wonderful presenters as wll as some unique Canadian presenters! Connected North @Home has kindly opened up their doors to CILC families. There are programs for next week AND sign ups for Virtual Summer Camp! For more information and to register, visit

And . . . for Adult Learning
We are continuing our Roam from Home programs in July for Adult Learners. Please visit this page to check out the programs and get signed up!