CILC Community of Learning Content Providers Offer More Than 225 FREE Virtual Field Trips

When the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration heard the news that schools were closing across the United States due to the COVID–19 pandemic, the CILC staff wanted to help. They started to work together with our content providers to find ways to meet the needs of students schooling at home.
Partnering with nearly 200 content providers made up of zoos, aquariums, museums, national parks, authors and more, CILC was able to deliver more than 225 FREE, live and interactive virtual field trips to students and their families at home. The programs were based on educational standards, meeting the needs of classroom curriculum and most of all spurred an interest in learning for K–6 grade students who felt isolated in their homes.
CILC would not have been able to deliver these programs to more than 35,000 students across the United States and eight foreign countries without the help of our amazing content providers who delivered programs from their organizations and even from their homes. They are grateful for the support of the Mankato Area Foundation and the parents that have made it possible to compensate, to some extent, our content providers.
CILC could go on and on about how amazing this programming has been, but nothing says it better than a quote from a participant:
"We have thoroughly enjoyed every session! We’ve attended multiple times every week for the past month and we could not be more grateful to you for making such a diverse offering available." (Teacher) 
CILC encourages you to watch the video created about this experience and hear directly from families about CILC’s Community of Learning.

Summer programming can be found here:

Alaska SeaLife Center April 17
Alaska SeaLife Center