Provide a Sustainable Option for Student Success

Provide a Sustainable Option for Student Success
Looking for an academic program/competition that promotes individual and team success? Teaches students about a wide range of subjects while they learn college and life skills?

Consider starting an Academic Decathlon® team in your school or district today! Promote academic growth and excellence for students in grades 9-12 by adding this premier competition to your school/district. Your students will benefit by participating in this national scholastic competition for high school students. 
MNAD Cold War Flier
Participation in Academic Decathlon:

  • Promotes use of higher-level thinking skills
  • Prepares students for college and life skills
  • Fosters individual accountability/growth
  • Provides students with dynamic group/team interaction
  • Supports team spirit and the sense of belonging
  • Enables personal pride and success

Participation in Academic Decathlon changes the lives of students and offers them the opportunity to experience the rigors of team and individual competition. The curriculum addresses a number of national content and curriculum standards and tests students of all skill levels. Academic Decathlon consists of 10 events: economics, math, science, social science, literature, art, music, essay, speech and interview.
The theme for the 2020–2021 Academic Decathlon season is The Cold War.

For more information: 507-389-5107 or or visit MNAD website.