SCSC/CER Fall Chess Tournament

South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC) and Mankato Community Education/Recreation (CER) partnered Nov. 2 to offer the Fall Chess Tournament at Lincoln Community Center in Mankato to students from across south central Minnesota.
Eleven students in grades 3–11 participated. The tournament was a Swiss-style tournament in which students are not eliminated. SCSC and CER feel these tournaments foster a competitive spirit without discouraging young players from continuing to play chess.
All players enjoyed a pizza lunch and received awards to top students in their grade level and overall champions.
For information about area chess tournaments or starting a chess club in your school or community, please contact Mary Hillmann: or Melanie Schmidt:
Congratulations to the students that participated!
Students were awarded by grade level and also as overall champions:
Grade 3:
1st – Carter Milbrath, Immanuel Lutheran, Lakefield
2nd – Sam Haggerty, Roosevelt Elementary, Mankato
Grade 5:
1st – Kate Camp, Bridges Elementary, Mankato
2nd – Zane Stanley, Roosevelt Elementary, Mankato
Grade 6:
1st – Calvin Downs, Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato
2nd – Jasper Leiferman, Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato
3rd – Lucas Krautkremer, Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato
Grade 7:
1st – Luke Haggerty, Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato
2nd – Aiden Mock, Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato
3rd ­– Owen Burns, Prairie Winds Middle School, Mankato
Grade 11:
1st – William Gronewald, Mankato West High School, Mankato

Students playing ChessStudents playing chessChess award winners