SafeSchools Alert App

SafeSchools Alert LogoStudents often know what's happening in your district before you do and are usually the first to witness instances of bullying, harassment and intimidation. 

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a cause that brings educators, schools, and communities together to combat the damaging impact that bullying can have on students. Unfortunately, bullying continues to be a pressing problem worldwide. In fact, Cell phone showing SafeSchools Alert Appevery seven minutes a child is bullied at school and one in three teens report being bullied in their lifetime.

To help protect students against bullying and safety incidents, the SafeSchools Alert System will soon allow students, staff, and parents to confidentially report tips to school administrators through the new SafeSchools Alert Mobile App.

Using the app, free to download with a SafeSchools Alert System subscription, students and adults can submit safety tips 24/7 to alert school officials of safety incidents, bullying, harassment, mental health and threats of violence. The app makes it easy to keep track of all tips submitted, and push notifications let tipsters know when a reply has been sent to their submitted tip and tracks all communication. 

For more information or a free trial of SafeSchools Alert, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154,, or