Senior High Knowledge Bowl Season Off to a Record Start

So far the 2018-2019 Senior High Knowledge Bowl season has seen record-breaking scores. Knowledge bowl coordinator Betty Widmer-Blace said these are the highest scores she’s witnessed in her 21 years of involvement with Knowledge Bowl.

Here are the highlights:

  • Mankato West Scarlet team earned 130 at the points at the Minnesota New Country School Invitational on Dec. 14, 2018
  • ​New Ulm Purple team earned 139 points at the Jan. 4 Waterville Elysian Morristown Invitational.
  • Loyola Royal Blue team earned 121 at the Loyola Invitational on Jan. 7.
  • Mankato West Scarlet team earned a record-breaking 148 points, 56 points away from second place, at the Mankato West Invitational on Jan. 8.

In addition to impressive scores, this season has also seen some outstanding hospitality. At the Waterville Elysian Morristown Invitational on Jan. 4, Coach Tom Walker and his KB students went above and beyond to make their meet special. Morning refreshments included a hot breakfast of egg, ham and cheese with juice, bagels muffins and donuts! They also gave out creative awards and prizes. Thank you to the WEM Knowledge Bowl teams for going the extra mile!

Mankato West KB students holding ribbons and trophyLoyola Blue KB team holding trophyNew Ulm Purple KB Team holding bowl of candyWEM KB Team and coach all in gray sweatshirts

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