Foodservice Directors – looking for chef-created, kid-tested menus and recipes? NutriStudents K–12 has the answer!

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NutriStudents K12 is a Minnesota company offering schools throughout the United States a self-operated “plug & play” foodservice program which is overhauling the standard school foodservice industry. 
At the heart of this unique program which simplifies many of the challenges facing school foodservice directors today is more than 100 weeks of chef-created, kid-tested menus and recipes which are RD-certified as totally USDA-compliant. Schools consistently report increased participation/revenue, reduced costs and greatly reduced administrative time requirements by using this unique program.
As a member-driven service cooperative, South Central Service Cooperative offers reinvested programs and services to our members. If you have not already joined the NutriStudents K12 users, we are again offering our member schools at no-cost or obligation, a one-year subscription to NutriStudents K12. Click here SCSC Districts Get Smooth Start to see how other SCSC members are enjoying the many benefits of the NutriStudentsK12 program.
Please register to join us Monday, February 3 at 2 p.m. at the SCSC Conference Center to learn more about this opportunity. In the meantime, visit the NutriStudents K-12 website or contact Shelly Miller at or 218.536.1857 with questions. We trust your district will find exceptional value and will greatly benefit from this system.