NutriStudents K–12 Schools Kick-off the Year with Ease

Foodservice directors from the NutriStudents K–12 SCSC member districts reported their programs kicked-off the year with great ease! This success is thanks to SCSC’s partnership with NutriStudents K–12. The NutriStudents K–12 partnership helps foodservice directors run profitable, USDA-compliant, efficient school nutrition programs with a 30-week rotation of student-approved menus and tools to simplify daily operations and reporting. SCSC is pleased to offer the NutriStudents K–12 program free to member districts this year. 
“It is awesome! NutriStudents K-12 is everything foodservice professionals need,” said Barb Rosin, foodservice director at Nicollet Public Schools.

Shelly Miller, client relations director for NutriStudents K–12, recently visited several districts to ensure they were utilizing the system’s menus and productivity tools for behind-the-lines tasks like reporting, ordering and promoting menus. A former foodservice director, Miller has become a resource for districts when they have questions related to daily operations.
Currently, nine SCSC member districts subscribe to the system, some for the first time this year and others continuing use from previous years. All appreciate the flexibility to use the system in its entirety or to supplement what’s already working in their district. 
Alden-Conger Public Schools uses a four-week menu cycle from NutriStudents K–12. Jamie Kirsch, Alden-Conger’s foodservice director, attested to the system’s ease and the simplicity of scaling recipes to her student population using the system’s CookBook.
“I have really loved NutriStudents K–12! It is a great support system and is very easy to learn,” said Kirsch. “I love all the menu options. There are so many! It saves a lot of time having all this at your fingertips.”
Madelia Public Schools uses a four-week menu cycle comprised of three weeks of NutriStudents K–12 menus and one week of student favorites. GFW Schools use a four-week menu rotation exclusively of NutriStudents K–12 menus. Martin County West is currently using one week of NutriStudents K–12 menus to supplement the district’s existing menus to avoid menu fatigue. 

After meeting with Miller, Martin County West’s foodservice director Tammy Holm plans to add more of the system’s menus into her rotation. She also sees the system-generated reports can save her and her staff a lot of time.
While NutriStudents K–12 is a bright light for these foodservice directors, many districts have been challenged this fall with menu planning due to difficulties receiving ordered products from their distributor. NutriStudents K–12 is working to help these districts secure products from alternate distributors such as Upper Lakes Foods and Cash-Wa Distributing.
Miller will return to the SCSC service area in early November to meet with additional districts. If you would like a personal demonstration or training session, contact her at It’s not too late for your district to take advantage of SCSC’s partnership with NutriStudents K–12 for this year.

: Four SCSC NutriStudents K-12 member districts

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