2019 Math Mania Tournament

Math Mania Tournament for Area Middle School Students a Success

St. Paul’s Lutheran (New Ulm) Team 1, including students Isaiah Carlovsky, Zach Riederer, Isaiah Rogotzke, Gavin Schaefer and Eric Smith and coached by James Carlovsky, were named champions at the Math Mania Tournament held at the South Central Service Cooperative Conference Center Feb. 14. Placing second was Team 2 from St. Paul’s Lutheran including Mercy Dobberpuhl, Dora Grubbs, Meaghan Martin, Bethany Spike and Estrella Strackbein. The third place award went to Cannon River STEM School Team 1 including students Gabe Aguirre, Delia Denis, Aribella Johnson, Dylan Mailand and Bergen Williamson and coached by Lynn Hirschey. Fifty students in grades 6–8 competed individually and on 4–5 member teams.

Top placing individuals included first place Teddy Traxler (Belle Plaine); tied for second place Isaiah Carlovsky (St. Paul’s Lutheran), Alexis Dahlberg (JWP), Bethany Spike (St. Paul’s Lutheran), and Isaiah Rogotzke (St. Paul’s Lutheran); third place Gavin Schaefer (St. Paul’s Lutheran); and tied for fourth place Alex Matzke (Immanuel Lutheran, Mankato), Logan Thell (JWP), and AJ Tobin (Dakota Meadows Middle School, Mankato).

Sponsored by South Central Service Cooperative and Mankato Community Education and Recreation, the students at the Math Mania Tournament had to solve clever, engaging and challenging problems on a variety of mathematical topics provided by the Math Olymipads for Elementary and Middle Schools. This produced an exciting atmosphere for students.

First place team St. Paul's LutheranSecond Place St. Paul's LutheranThird Place Cannon River STEM School Team 1Individual winners

For information about next year’s Math Mania Tournament, contact Mary Hillmann at mhillmann@mnscsc.org.