Welcome Karen Olson with ICS Consulting!

Welcome Karen Olson from ICSThe South Central Service Cooperative would like to welcome Karen Olson with ICS Consulting, Inc. Karen is the regional manager of Coop Member Services for ICS and is well versed in identifying and managing long-term facility needs. Through their customized services, the ICS team can assist your district with comprehensive facility life-cycle solutions, long-term facility maintenance planning, facility assessment and planning, project management and construction, and technical services including commissioning, re-commissioning, energy monitoring and rebate administration. 

Olson’s background includes more than 18 years working in the public sector throughout southern Minnesota. Her managerial roles include a project manager, a safety consultant, a hazard abatement technician, and an auditor via the Minnesota Department of Education Health & Safety Management Assistant program  here at the South Central Service Cooperative. Karen resides in Mankato and received degrees in biology and environmental science from Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

To find out more about integrating the intricate process of planning, funding, design, construction and on-going facility operations for your district, contact Karen Olson at 651-728-1880 or karen.olson@ics-consult.com