How Good Is Your Capital Improvement Plan?

How good is your capital improvement plan?Without an updated and accurate capital improvement plan, emergencies and disasters, rather than proactive municipal capital planning, drive capital improvement expenditures. Reactionary capital investment practices increase the likelihood of higher equipment and construction costs and ultimately a lower quality of life for your community residents. An accurate CIP allows municipalities to match their capital facilities plan with the needs of their community.

ICS partners with cities and counties throughout the state to help them identify, create, manage and implement CIPs to help address their deferred maintenance and long-term facility needs. The team at ICS can help you identify, prioritize, fund and effectively implement a variety of deferred maintenance projects from building exteriors to mechanical systems. Steps in capital improvement planning include: 

  1. Review any existing CIPs 
  2. Complete an asset inventory
  3. Project identification and prioritization
  4. Cost estimating
  5. Project funding options and budget creation 
  6. Project implementation and on-going capital improvement planning

CIPs provide your communities with transparency on all facility-related needs over time. Matching these facility-related needs with your community’s financial capacity results in a clear financial path for your community’s future. If you would like more information on capital improvement planning, contact Josh Cowdery with ICS Consulting, Inc. at or 612-702-1411.