This past legislative session funding for the 2017 “Rural Career and Technical Education (CTE) Consortium” was revised to allow South Central Service Cooperative and Southeast Service Cooperative to collaborate jointly in an application to MDE for a $3 million grant running Oct. 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021.
Funding will support CTE projects that are innovative, engage local and regional businesses, increase efficiencies, and support sustainability for successful participation by students pursuing a CTE pathway.
Project goals have been established in these areas:

  1. Access to a Workforce Development Coordinator who will cultivate and build relationships between districts and industry. 
  2. Support to teachers to earn their Work Based Learning endorsement, CTE licensure or credits in content area in order to be eligible for concurrent instruction. 
  3. Development of (or improvements to) CTE programs and courses that encourage collaboration between districts and local or regional industry partners.  

An advisory committee is currently forming. This committee will be made up of a variety of stakeholders who will be charged with shaping the eligibility and process for participation, use of resources and evaluation of activities. If you are interested in being a part of the advisory committee, please contact Gwenn Wolters at 507-389-2123. Space is limited.
The grant application was submitted to MDE on Sept. 6. Once final approval is received, notification will be sent to service cooperatives and we will communicate next steps to you. Start brainstorming with your leadership team now.
This is an exciting time for CTE! Let’s create strong collaborations to continue to grow CTE and bright futures for our students and communities!