Student Data Privacy and Cyber Security Cohort

SCSC’s newly established Student Data Privacy and Cyber Security Cohort meets as a community of practice to better understand the need for student data privacy and cyber security, to better represent the public reputation of the district, and to assist districts in becoming be both insurable and defensible.
While school districts have an inherent responsibility to protect the privacy of student data, they must also comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and FERPA, meet the requirements for cyber liability insurance, and work as a partner with their communities to learn safe procedures and shape a culture for appropriate data practices.
SCSC believes that collaboration is the key. Jason Borglum, SCSC’s educational technology manager, will facilitate the cohort. SCSC will be using best practices from the information security industry and from the Consortium for School Networking organization as recommendations for student data privacy throughout the cohort process.

“This is not an IT issue but rather a process that requires participation from persons across the district and community,” Borglum shared. 

The cohort began in September by reviewing regulations and MSBA policy for student data privacy and data governance. During the October meeting participants learned about the need for a comprehensive data inventory. 

“If you don’t know the type of data you collect and how it’s shared, processed, and stored, including agreements with third party vendors, it is difficult to know if you are meeting the privacy requirements that impact your organization,” states TrustArc Privacy Compliance.

The SCSC Student Data Privacy and Cyber Security Cohort has established a schedule of monthly topics to organize a shared pathway for participants to develop policies and procedures in order to reach their security goals.

It’s not too late to join the cohort! If you have questions or desire further information, contact Jason at or 507-389-5126.