SCSC Surveys Southern Minnesota City and County Needs

South Central Service Cooperative staff asked southern Minnesota cities and counties about service needs.
Working together, three southern Minnesota service cooperatives reached out to cities and counties with a stepped-up effort to provide local government solutions options from annexation to zoning, tech support, wellness, economic development, human resources, planning, and much more. More than 70 cities and/or counties responded to the recent survey. This information will help cooperative staff focus its outreach options on those areas indicating the most interest and need.
The survey asked cities and counties to identify and rank their needs in 10 separate areas. The top four areas identified as extremely interested and very interested by more than 40-50% of the respondents were:

  • Training for staff and elected officials
  • Economic development assistance
  • Human resources
  • IT technical support/cybersecurity

Please refer to the attached chart for the complete survey results.           
Pooling human and financial resources to fill service gaps, provide expertise and share ideas save local governments’ financial resources and allow for a more efficient use of human resources. SCSC staff is available to meet with city and county administrators and clerks to help identify the resources to best address their needs and interests.
Contact: Mike Humpal, CEcD, Manager Local Government Solutions at 507–389–5766; Wendell Sande, Director Advisory Services at 507–389–1772; or Hannah Keltgen, Wellness Specialist CCOGA Advisory Services at 507–386–2982.