Looking for New Bleachers?

Looking for new bleachers? SCSC’s Cooperative Purchasing Connection can help. Read this example on how the CPC helped Wheaton School District:

Gymnasium with bleachers.What a sound! A packed house, filling the school gymnasium bleachers, cheering the hometown team to victory!

Fans in the Wheaton school district can now do that on bleachers that are safer and more accessible. The school district recently purchased bleachers using a contract through Cooperative Purchasing Connection. CPC contracts are available to school districts, higher education, cities, counties, nonprofits and faith-based organizations in Minnesota. Use of a CPC contract saved the district the time and expense of running its own competitive process. That’s important for taxpayers because that process costs thousands of dollars.

The school also contributed to the $212,000 project through fundraising. Wheaton superintendent Dan Posthumus, teacher Kelley Berger and volleyball coach Michelle Rinke head up the effort. 

Superintendent Posthumus says he’s been wanting new bleachers for 10 years. He says attendance is now up because of the bleachers which are not only great looking and comfortable, but feature a lower first step, handrails and spots cut out for wheelchairs. That means grandparents, and those with access needs, can now cheer on the Warriors and Border West Buccaneers sitting right next to parents, students and others from the community. 

“We’re getting lots of compliments from those attending” said Posthumus.

Tim Tobin from Seating and Athletic Facility Enterprises, worked with the district to move the bleachers from wish list to reality. The CPC contract with SAAFE, available to all members, offers: exclusive pricing, on-site assessment to ensure the appropriate products are being purchased, training to staff that will operate the bleacher system, and complete maintenance at a discounted rate through CPC. 

Posthumus says using the CPC contract made for overall “ease of the project” and he would recommend it to others. 

“Find a company you’re comfortable with (CPC has more than 60 vendors) and use them through the CPC contract,” he said.

All CPC contracts can be found at www.purchasingconnection.org. You’ll recognize many of the popular athletic companies. SAAFE, also known as “Stadium Steve,” is joined by Schutt Sports, Fisher Tracks, H & B Specialized Products, Olympus Lockers, Daktronics, FLR Sanders and several turf companies. 

For questions or to get started, contact Cindy Ehlers 507-389-5109 or cehlers@mnscsc.org.