SCSC Advisory Services Update

SCSC Advisory Services is proud to announce the following upcoming events and opportunities:

GiANT Leadership Training:  Dr. Joseph Hill will facilitate training for administrative groups from Tri-City United, Martin County West, Region V, and some SCSC employees beginning Sept. 19. These administrative groups will meet at SCSC monthly for two-hour training sessions during the school year.  Additional groups are welcome.

Strategic Planning: Sleepy Eye Public, Riverbend Education District, and possibly MVED will be involved in this cooperative service sponsored by SCSC and MSBA during the upcoming school year. Again, time will allow for additional school involvement in a Strategic Planning Process.

Follow-Up Mentoring: Mentoring Services will be provided for newly placed superintendents in the GFW School District and Le Seuer-Henderson School District.

Fall Levy Workshop: Finance Levy Workshop will be provided at the SCSC on Sept. 19.

Learn more about all of the services provided by SCSC Advisory Services.