SCSC Wellness program: Omada Diabetes support for real life

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If you are living with Type 2 diabetes, you know it's no walk in the park. But there are things you can do—small steps you can take, starting right now—that can make a big difference. Your Omada health coach (a certified diabetes educator) is here to help you identify those steps and work towards your unique goals together.
See if You're Eligible

Simplify Tracking
Track your glucose levels, weight and activity all in one place.

  • Get a glucose meter and as many test strips as you need
  • Receive a wireless scale connected to your account
  • Get personalized feedback based on your readings

Manage Highs and Lows
Find sustainable ways to level up your energy.

  • Get help managing (or potentially reducing) medications
  • Make sense of patterns with the help of your coach
  • Gain powerful problem-solving skills for any challenge

Eat Better, Move Smarter
Discover easy ways to sneak healthy choices into daily life.

  • Learn how food, activity, sleep and stress relate to diabetes
  • Adopt small lifestyle changes that can lead to lower A1C results
  • Gain practical carb counting tips for managing blood glucose

Get Support and Accountability
Stay motivated to reach your evolving goals.

  • Receive ongoing advice from a Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Make daily progress through a customized action list