May 1 – School Lunch Hero Day

Since COVID–19 began closing schools across Minnesota and the country, school nutrition professionals have garnered a well-deserved and long overdue moment in the spotlight as essential workers. May 1 is the official day for acknowledging school foodservice staff and South Central Service Cooperative salutes these efforts year around. This year their work has been particularly critical to meeting growing food insecurity in our communities.

Districts statewide creatively and quickly changed course from regular hot meal service to drive–thru and delivered breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Alden Conger and other foodservice teams gathered coolers from home to keep foods cool while being delivered.
Alden Conger food coolers
In some districts, school buses were called in for deliveries, whereas foodservice staff personally delivered meals in others. They improvised when shelf–stable foods and needed proteins were in short supply as distributors and manufacturers also pivoted for the sudden change in demand. They went above and beyond for their students! While there have been challenges, they faced them head on, with smiles on their faces.

For their service and dedication to continuing to provide students with nourishing meals under difficult circumstances, we say thank you! We know families are grateful as well as we have seen social media posts and photos highlighting their gratitude.

SCSC isAlden Conger Chalk Thank you proud to support you in your work on the front lines of the COVID–19 response as well as during normal operations. We’re thrilled to have provided districts with COVID–19 Emergency Menus from NutriStudents K–12 to help ease the strain right now. Be sure to contact us if you have not already applied for a free one–year school nutrition program with NutriStudents K–12.