Nominate Your Students as Academic All-Stars!

It is time to nominate your students as Academic-All Stars! All Minnesota K-12 teachers, principals and academic challenge coordinators are invited to designate students as "Academic All-Stars," to be eligible to attend the 2019 Gathering of Champions. This free annual celebration and recognition of student excellence is sponsored by Synergy & Leadership Exchange and its educational partners. The 2019 Gathering of Champions will be held at the Mall of America on Aug. 2. Visit - click on Gathering of Champions under the Celebrate tab.
Who Should You Designate as an Academic All-Star?
We recommend you consider the top students from the following three categories:

  • Students who are consistent top academic performers
  • Students who have shown significant improvement in achievement or have overcome barriers to academic achievement
  • Students who are local, regional or state champions in a Minnesota Academic League Council approved event. The names of approved programs are found in the Reach for the Stars catalogue available on our website.

How Do You Nominate Students?

  • Nominate your students online today - - click on Gathering of Champions under the Celebrate tab. The nomination deadline is June 29.
  • After you submit your nomination, you will see a link for an "Invitation & Congratulations Letter." Please print this invitation and letter and distribute it to the students you have named as Academic All-Stars. This is the student's only invitation to the Gathering of Champions and provides details about the event, including how to register for the show of their choice. Synergy will not be contacting the nominees. This letter is your opportunity to recognize your students. They must register themselves to attend the ceremony of their choice.

Academic All-Stars attending the event will receive*:

  • A certificate of achievement and congratulations on stage from dignitaries
  • Commemorative items and prizes honoring their selection as an "Academic All-Star"
  • Discount coupons for rides in Nickelodeon Universe® and purchases at participating Mall of America merchants
  • The opportunity to purchase a commemorative Academic All-Star T-shirt

  *Details subject to change
For More Information: Please contact Synergy & Leadership Exchange at or 507-389-5115.