2018–2019 Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars CatalogueReach for the Stars is your guide to academic enrichment programs and activities to supplement classroom learning and help students discover and develop their interests, passions and talents. This free resource provides a listing of more than 100 programs, indexed by skill sets and curricular areas, that have met the criteria for approval by the Minnesota Academic League Council. 

Use the program listings in Reach for the Stars to:

  • Provide interesting curriculum to help students meet state standards
  • Advance your students’ interests and learning
  • Find activities for the classroom or after-school programs
  • Recognize and reward students for their academic achievement
  • Integrate applications of learning into your classroom
  • Make contacts with sponsoring organizations
  • Rally community support for academic activities

It is published as a public service by Synergy & Leadership Exchange and the Minnesota Academic League, with generous support from Jostens, The Minnesota Service Cooperatives, and other partners like the South Central Service Cooperative. Share it with your staff, students and families today! Download the 2018–2019 Reach for the Stars (PDF), pick up a print copy at the South Central Service Cooperative office, or request a printed copy.