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Why Provide Voluntary Vision Insurance?

Many families neglect eye exams or other important preventative services. This neglect may leave serious health issues undetected. The risks employees take - such as skipping vision exams - may produce claims in other areas. Claims drive premium increases - Medical Insurance, Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance plans can all be affected. Ultimately, groups must reduce risk in order to reduce costs. Our Vision Insurance partners, NIS and Ameritas Group, can provide a custom plan to fit your needs.

Voluntary Vision Insurance from NIS and Ameritas Group

NIS and Ameritas Group offers you the choice of two plans. Each plan comes with options that offer different coverage levels and monthly premiums to meet the varying needs your employees.

Important Features:

Only 10 employees required to start!
Choice of two plans:

  • Low Plan Highlights:
    • Choose any doctor in a location that is convenient for you- even in rural areas. Employees will receive the same amounts regardless of whether they choose an in- or out-of-network doctor
    • Includes an optional program with access to network providers who offer eye wear and services at reduced costs
  • High Plan Highlights:
    • Choose from 34,000 doctor access points right where you live, work and shop.
    • Fully covered eye exam and significant savings on eyewear, including the latest styles.
    • 20% off non-covered complete pairs of glasses and sunglasses.
    • Up to 20% savings on lens extras such as scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings and progressives.
    • 15% off contact lens fit and follow-up.
    • Laser vision correction discounts with VSP and a contracted laser surgery center.

Why use SCSC's Partner, NIS and Ameritas Group, instead of purchasing this product on your own?

Because Cooperation Pays! Cost of insurance rises as risk increases. Large groups have a lower price because risk is spread over more people. As a member of SCSC, you are a part of a larger group and can take advantage of rates that have been specially negotiated for SCSC members.

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