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SCSC's Life Insurance partner, National Insurance Services (NIS), is a specialist in public sector employee benefits since 1969. NIS will help ensure that your negotiated Life Insurance promises are precisely matched in your insurance policy.

Flexible Plan Features

  • Customized retiree coverage
  • Optional age-reduction schedule: Benefits are not required to reduce based on age.
  • Lifetime Waiver of Premium: Life Insurance coverage, at no cost, for the duration of a disabled employee's life.
  • Eligibility below 20 hours per week


Optional Plan Enhancements

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: Add-on benefit that pays additional benefits if loss of life or limbs are a result of a covered accident.
  • Accelerated Life Benefit: Within plan parameters, a partial benefit is paid while living when diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Supplemental and Spouse/Dependent Employee-Paid Plans: When you have your core group plan with SCSC’s partner, NIS.


Why use SCSC’s partner, NIS, instead of purchasing this product on your own?

  • Cooperation Pays: Cost of insurance rises as risk increases. Large groups have a lower price because risk is spread over more people. As a member of SCSC, you are a part of a larger group and can take advantage of rates that have been specially negotiated for SCSC members.
  • Policies Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs: Did you know that public sector insurance policies have little in common with the way commercial policies are written? What looks like a policy match may be a crisis waiting to happen. Since 1969, NIS's exclusive focus has been public sector business. NIS knows how to customize a solution, prevent claim issues and respond to your needs while respecting your budget.
  • World-Class Support: Your needs are met by the NIS service team which includes a sales representative, service representative and/or account representative and billing representative. Annual measurement of NIS' written customer standards show an average customer retention rate of 96%, placing NIS into a world-class category as compared with the industry benchmark of 84%.

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Group Term Life Insurance (PDF)
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