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SCSC partners with BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota (BCBS) to provide flexible health plans to meet the needs of your employees. Whether you have 2 or 1000+ employees, BCBS has a plan to fit your needs. Employers with 51+ employees may choose from a variety of health plans such as: Aware Gold, VEBA, HSA, CMM (Comprehensive Major Medical), Double Gold, or Triple Gold. At BCBS improving health is more than paying claims, they provide access to information and resources that allow employees to live healthier lives and make wiser choices. For round-the-clock reliability, true flexibility, lower administrative costs, and lower premiums, ask for a quote and see why it pays to join the SCSC insurance network.

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  • 2015-16 School Renewal Bulletin
  • 2016 CCOGA Renewal Bulletin

High Deductible Plans 

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Janet Doyle, 651-662-0430



Kelsey Rose, 507-389-6999

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Wendell Sande, 507-386-2970
Larry IntVeld, 507-386-2965
Bill Colopoulos, 612-987-4155
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