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Why Provide Voluntary Dental Insurance?

For years now, research has linked good oral health with overall health. The studies have shown a relationship between periodontal diseases and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and adverse pregnancy outcomes. A major barrier to routine dental care is lack of dental insurance, one of the most requested benefits.

Adequate preventative measures, including regular dental check-ups, can impact the entire employee benefits program. Dental coverage could ultimately help prevent costly health problems and lost time from work. Offering employees access to group dental insurance, even on a voluntary, employee-paid basis with zero budget impact, provides employees access to the coverage they need.

Voluntary Dental Insurance from Delta Dental 

Delta Dental offers you the choice of five plans. Each plan comes with two options that offer different coverage levels, deductibles, lifetime maximums and monthly premiums to meet the varying needs your employees. In addition to the voluntary plans, several group plan options are also available. All plans offer access to Minnesota’s largest dentist networks. For more detailed information, see information and plan descriptions.


  • Only five employees required to start! 
  • Employees are free to see any dentist. When visiting a network dentist, employees can take advantage of additional savings. 
  • Odds are good an employee’s dentist is already in the network. Delta Dental has the largest networks in the Minnesota. 

Why use SCSC’s Partner, NIS and Delta Dental instead of purchasing this product on your own?

Cooperation Pays! Cost of insurance rises as risk increases. Large groups have a lower price because risk is spread over more people. As a member of SCSC, you are a part of a larger group and can take advantage of rates that have been specially negotiated for SCSC members.

Insurance Carrier
This policy is underwritten by Delta Dental of Minnesota.

Information and Plans:

SCSC Dental Plan (PDF)
Letter to Benefits Administrator (PDF)
2016 Minnesota Service Cooperatives Dental Plans (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Enrollment forms and applications:

Member Enrollment Form (PDF)
Master Dental Application (PDF)

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