advisory services

Since 1976, South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC) has been facilitating programs and services between local governments across south central Minnesota. Tighter state and federal budgets have increased pressure on local governments to maintain or reduce costs. Sharing services regionally creates economies of scale as well as maintains a consistency in process that positively impacts local governments. Regionally facilitated programs allow local governments to retain the benefits of decentralized control. This cost-savings strategy can be an effective way to manage costs during these difficult financial times.

SCSC city and county facilitated programs will be conducted at no cost other than normal reimbursement expenses such as mileage, postage, telephone and supplies.


Wendell Sande, 507-386-2970

Conducting a search for a new administrator or manager has become a costly and time-consuming task for local governments. The SCSC Executive Search Program will assist member local governments with their administrator or manager search. 

Service Components: 

  • Meet with the city council or county board to provide an overview of the search process 
  • Create a search calendar and timeline 
  • Meet with the city council or county board, staff and community to create a profile for the new administrator or manager 
  • Recruit candidates for the position 
  • Receive and process candidate applications 
  • Provide for the preliminary screening and recommendations for interview of candidates 
  • Assist the city council or county board with the interview process 
  • Meet with the city council or county board to facilitate the decision on a new administrator or manager and develop a contract for the position as needed 
  • Provide mentoring to the new administrator or manager 
  • Contract with SCSC for interim or a part-time administrator or manager

Long-range financial and capital improvement planning is integral to future success for local governments. SCSC can assist with these efforts in a number of areas. 

Service Components: 

  • Long-term financial plan development 
  • Capital improvement plan development 
  • Bonding and refunding 
  • Economic development 
  • Redevelopment 
  • Tax increment and abatement financing 
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation 
  • Grants 

In 2015, five Minnesota State University, Mankato Urban Studies graduate student interns were placed in the cities of Blue Earth, Le Sueur and Waseca and with Le Sueur County. 

The internship program takes classroom learning to the next level. Classroom learning becomes meaningful and relevant when students are allowed to engage in the practice of their chosen profession. Cities and counties can benefit from the new ideas and enthusiasm interns bring to the workplace.

Experienced administrators are available to provide advice and background information based on long term experience in local government, personnel issues, finance and legislative affairs. 

Though the purpose of shared services studies may to be reduce operating costs, the studies may result in increased efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations, even if costs cannot be significantly reduced. 

Types of studies include: 

  • Administrative staffing 
  • Operational staffing 
  • Equipment sharing 
  • Cost analysis

In addition, SCSC provides advisory services in the following areas: 

  • Special legislation 
  • Annexation 
  • Labor relations 
  • Referendums 

Advisory services will be provided on a fee-for-service basis, based upon specific needs.