Health, Safety and Environmental Management Assistance (HSEM)

Region 9 school districts of south central Minnesota contract with South Central Service Cooperative to provide on-site regional health, safety and environmental management assistance services to all school districts.

These services assist districts in identifying, prioritizing and scheduling health and safety capital projects and in the development of written programs. Particular emphasis shall be provided to assist in the planning, management, monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality.


Glenn Morris, 507-389-5106


These programs help districts to identity and advise program element contact persons, prioritize health and safety concerns per the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), plan the scheduling for remediation of health and safety hazards, and monitors schools’ programs to prevent the redevelopment of hazards and/or discovery of new hazards. 

Use the this Safety and Health Program Assessment Checklist to assist you in the evaluation process. 

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IEA LogoSouth Central Service Cooperative contracts with the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA) to provide districts access to practical, cost-sensitive environmental engineering counsel and worker protection services.

The corporate headquarters and main laboratory are located in Brooklyn Park, MN. A satellite office is located in Mankato, with local consultants that provide ongoing environmental management services, and access to control services, drawing from a staff of more than 70 professionals, and 30 consultants who provide ongoing input in specialized areas.

At its inception, the Institute's mission was to find real-world, applicable patterns for addressing environmental risk and regulation. It has achieved and continues to excel in meeting that challenge, with both academic and regulatory acceptance for its often innovative approaches toward environmentally-sensitive sustainable development.

South Central Service Cooperative has partnered with Scenario Learning to bring you their award-winning SafeSchools online staff training and compliance management system for school employees at a special price!

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