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Foundations Support Website Offering FREE Materials to Assist Schools and Families to Address Behavior and Public Health Risks

Environmental Resource Council LogoA collection of valuable resource materials are available free of charge to schools, parents and community leaders who make decisions in complex and controversial environments from the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) at envrc.org.

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Materials representing more than 30 years of research and development are designed to persuade people who are at risk to do the right thing. Research shows persuasion, not coercion, is the way people in a healthy and free society submit to change. Exemplary resources include “The Renaissance of the American School Building,” a book originally written for school board members, to appreciate the complexity of safely managing a school building. Numerous other brochures, posters, books, and videos are available for download from the site. Resources are organized into the following categories for your convenience: Alcohol, Drugs; Tobacco, Gambling, Motorcycle Safety, Gun Safety, Pesticides, Social Interactions & Lifestyle, and Prom Night Safety collection.

Environmental Resource Council provides COVID–19 resources.